Tech Blog continuously being updated


Hence i am very interested in tech blog reading, i would love to share the one i found recently.

It is called Max Tech Blog and their website address is .

max tech blog logo

It would have been great if i could register to this tech blog and post my own knowledge also. I hope they will add this option to this website soon. There are lots of different titles i can find there, some of them are like tall buildings and towers or decoration or computer or any kind of electronics. is really worth visiting not only once but daily. They add new content nearly everyday.

New Tech Blog that fully fills my requests.

I am following more than 10 tech blogs and this is the one which is being updated more recently. I hope all of you guys will enjoy spending time there also. Before i personally did create a blog like this one but i never had time to update it often.  And we all know that internet nowadays is like a garbage full of unwanted, useless information’s. So i would love to take your suggestions on good tech blog websites also. With sharing of information that information gets bigger and bigger each and every day. After you check the post there, maybe we can comment and discuss on those either here in my blog or there in that blog also. Because i am an architect myself, sure the titles with relation to architecture, like high rise buildings are more interesting for me. For the others maybe more tech blog related subjects like phones and electronics will be more preferable.

I will be waiting to hear from you all followers about your comments. You can either comment on this tech blog or suggest me new tech blogs to go and check out. Thank you all in advance for the participation.



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